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As a formal member to ECTrade, you can enjoy ECTrade's special services. Being a member means that you can set up and keep your private Biz Office free of charge. The benefits you can get are illustrated in the following paragraphs.

1 Enjoy the convenient, fast, efficient cross-post of your trade leads

(1) Post your trade leads on ECTrade hot BBS no matter whether you want to buy or sell. And you can promote your products and services to the world through our cross-post service.
(2) Your trade leads will be automatically added to ECTrade's databank of trade leads so that business people across the world can easily find your offers through ECTrade search engine. This feature of our search engine gives you an additional chance for trade success.
(3) Once your trade leads are posted successfully, ECTrade's databank automatically searches for trade offers that serve your leads and presents the results to you.
(4) You as a member to ECTrade have a number of privileges. The first privilege is that your trade leads are posted before trade leads posted by non-members.
(5) Your second privilege is that all your trade leads will automatically have a tag showing your member status, which promotes the credibility of your post.
(6) Your third privilege is that your post will be kept for a month while trade offers from non-members can be kept only for a week.
(7) Your fourth privilege is that you can post your trade leads fast, without repeating your individual data which are a must for a trade lead post. This can greatly save your precious time.
(8) Your fifth privilege is that the latest trade offers in your line made to your order and business opportunities will be presented to you with no time lost.
(9) Your sixth member privilege is that ECTrade Cross-Post service will waste no time to copy your posts on over 50 top trade BBSs across the world.

There are More...

2 Biz Resources Made to Your Order

(1) Whenever you enter your Biz Office, you will immediately have access to the latest trade leads, products and URLs of companies in your trade line provided by ECTrade in the way just as you preferred
(2) You can easily and fast post your offers and information.
(3) Once your posts are completed, responses that serve your needs will at once show up on the computer screen for your reference.

3 Biz Assistant offer a series of tools

(1) Cross-Post
ECTrade Cross-Post copies your needs to over 50 top business BBSs around the world.

(2) Global Search
You don't have to go anywhere to search. At ECTrade you can go global in your search of trade leads and information at the best trade BBSs in Chinese language across the world.

(3) Index My Site with ECTrade
ECTrade links your company's URL to ECTrade's trade databank and business people across the world can reach you through ECTrade's databank.

(4) My Showroom
1/You can create and modify your own showroom ( a webpage dedicated to your products), and show your products to the world.
2/We can provide you with a static and independent URL for your showroom.
3/Your product data will be automatically appended to ECTrade product databank open to inquiry and search by business people all over the world through the powerful ECTrade search engine.
4/ When you post a trade offer on ECTrade BBS, your showroom will be automatically linked to the information you have posted.

(5) Biz Logbook
Your Biz Logbook is free of charge. In it you can check the feedback to your post as well as your business developments, and you can easily update your business records.

(6) Biz Weekly
Get the latest information made to your order and get the latest business news and information on market trends.

(7) Mailing List
Enjoy our fast and efficient mailing services.
1/ Manage and edit your mailing list and send emails to your customers at one stroke.
2/ Send your trade emails to members in your line and acquire additional chances of successful transactions.

4 Office Management Tools

(1) My Online Address Book
Now you can rest assured that your address book will not be lost any more. ECTrade has created an extraordinary online address book so that you can at any time contact your customers or your friends and relatives no matter where you are.

(2) My Bookmarks
This exclusive online file of bookmarks is reliable and convenient. You no longer need to worry about the bookmarks you have stored on other computers but you can not access because you are somewhere else.

5 There are more benefits at ECTrade for you to find out in time. You can take time to enjoy.

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