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LongHealth Diagnostic Supplies Xiamen.CN
LongHealth Diagnostic Supplies (LH Diagnostic) is a top quality diagnostic and healthcare products supplier from China. Our major products include but not limited to IVD Rapid Test [fertility, infectious diseases, drugs of abuse, cardiac markers, raw material]

BTNX Inc. Toronto.CA

No.131(Workshop),Xinjia Road,Xinyang Industrial Zone,Haicang,Xiamen,China Xiamen.CN
LAL reagents extracted from the blue blood of North American horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus were commonly known as LAL and the reagents extracted from Chinese horseshoe crab, Tachypleus tridentatus Leach, were commonly known as TAL. Both LAL and TAL have

meditests.com .US
Drug testing kits for pre-employment drug screening, early pregnancy home test kits to verify signs of pregnancy, LH ovulation predictor test kits for urine for family planning. Our rapid test kits work with urine, saliva and hair to check your health. Make te

Genesis Diagnostics Ltd Ely.UK
Genesis is a manufacturer of ELISA based diagnostic kits for the autoimmune and infectious disease areas.
Companies Total : 5 ( 1 -- 5 )[|<][<<][>>][>|]
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