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Companies Total : 38008 ( 38001 -- 38008 )[|<][<<][>>][>|]
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Zhejiang Jiaxing Tourism bureau .
beautiful and richly endowed by nature, enjoys a fame as the Land of Fish and Rice, Home of Silk and Site of Culture.

Zhejiang Yongkang Xinbao Gas Cookers & Appliances Co.,Ltd. .
Manufacturer and exportor of producing gas cookers series.

Zhejiang Shengzhou Dapeng Tea Factory .
an annual production capacity of 65,000 dan exquisite pinhead tea

Zhejiang Sanmei Tea Co., Ltd. .
the first Sino-Japanese Joint Venture in Chinas tea industry

Semco Maritime has more than 70 years of experience within the marine and yard industry. Our main products are unique fire-extinguishing system and switchboards.

Guangzhou Five Rams Bicycle Import & Export Co., Ltd. .
Exporting mountain bikes, city bikes, racing bikes, roadster bike and BMXS, and manufactures motorcycles and spart part, cartons, etc.

Rongchang-A Bright Pearl in the West of Chongqing .
Rongchang is an important county on the Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway economic belt,which has abundant natural resources,convenient traffic and communications,its main industries are energy, communications, city infrastructure, real estate, machinery, etc.

Yunnan Coffee Industrial Co., Ltd. .
coffee cooperation program between the UNDP and China

Hefei Fangyuan Trade Co., Ltd. .
mainly engaging in the import and export business of all kinds of commodities

Qingdao Free Trade Zone Dexi'ao Trade Co., Ltd. .
specialized in the processing and trade of peanuts and peanut kernels

Jiangsu Yinyue Cereal & Oil Processing Plant .
the largest among the same kind of enterprises under Jiangsu Reclamation Farm

Jingning (She Nationality Autonomous County) Nature Food Co. Ltd. .
A key leading enterprise engages in trade, industry and agriculture.

Shandong Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Corp. .
Shandong Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Corp. is specialized in import and export. Over the past 40-odd years, the corporation has established close trade relations with more than one hundred countries and regions throughout the world.

Zhejiang Jinhua Welding Material Factory .
a key supplier of brazing alloys in China,also have been exported to many countries and areas such as Japan,America,Germany,Indonesia,Pakistan and Hong Kong

Zhejiang Textiles Imp. and Exp. Corp. CN.CN
We export such sporting goods as baseball gloves, dumbell set, barbell, excercise mat, baseball cap, etc.

Zhejiang Textiles Imp. and Exp. Corp. CN.CN
Our export products include: neon lamps, fluorescent lamps, festoon neon lamps, lamps with resistor, rocker switches, car speakers, antenna, etc.

Zhejiang Textiles Imp. and Exp. Corp. CN.CN
A complete line of anchors, anchor chain, proof coil chain, lashing chain, load chain, tie-down chain, chain hoist, lever hoist,plain trolley, geared trolley, beam clamp, webbing slings, ratchet tie-down, hydraulic hand pallet truck, rigging hardware and mater

Zhejiang Textiles Imp. and Exp. Corp. CN.CN
We offer a full range of towels, blanket, fabric, garments, table cover, napkin,down quilt, down jacket, down and feather, feather pillow, patchwork quilt, cushions, multi cover, etc.

Jiangsu Xinlong Metals Co., Ltd. .
produces the various expansion bolts, ordinary and high-class hinges,netting products and building materials

Yunnan Metallurgical (Group) General Company .
engaged in such fields as mining,milling of ores,smelting,processing and scientific research

Dean Group .
mainly involved in water treatment equipment and engineering service

Sino-foreign Joint Venture Hangzhou 512 Copper Co., Ltd .
one of China's largest copper product manufacturers

Hangzhou LinAn lock CO.,LTD .
one of the large-size enterprises producing tumbler door lock in China

works in an effort to provide good services in the field of intellectual property

Qianjiang Law Firm .
mainly in dealing with domestic and international law affairs

China's Xinjiang Yellow Page Information Consulting Co., Ltd. .
provide accurate information and performance services for industrial circles throughout the world on investment and business activities in Xinjiang

Zhenxu Law Firm .
one of the largest and best cooperative law firms in Chinae with modernized outfits

Wenzhou Dais Printing Machine Co. .
Specializes in producing of mechanism, food, and trading business.

Chengdu Thermoelectric Material Company .
the Company has attained outstanding achievements in the business of metal materials and in the development of the project of Chengdu Steels Wholesale Market.

Zhejiang Jiuli Group Holdings Co., Ltd. .
Seamless stainless steel pipes and welded stainless steel pipes, copper core and protection cover mineral insulation cables(internationally known as MI cables) and PVC electric power and control cables, stainless steel strings and bars, metallic magnesium ingo

Jilin Jianye Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. Hangzhou.
Apart from its main business in real estate, the company also deals in construction works, building materials, decoration design and construction, property management, trade,aquaculture,travel service and international trade.

China Hengdian Group .
China Hengdian Group hopes to find planning and designing companies or entertainment equipment companies of first class in the world for its planning and designing

Yuyao Shanquan New Building Material Plant .
master product--coated glassfiber mesh cloth

T.C.C. Ningbo Glass Products Co. Ltd. .
mainly engaged in the production of all kinds of glass products

Beijing Orient Air Service Company Ltd. .
Lightships or "blimps" advertisement

Hangzhou East Mansion .CN
a Chinese three-star hotel looking for capital cooperator and management partner

Zhejiang Pan-an Scientific Industrial Trade Co.,Ltd. .
keep the mushroom fresh and specializing in processing export

Lishui Fresh-foodstuffs Co., Ltd. .
a special edible mushroom base

Chongqing Square Bamboo Shoots ??.
manufacturer of wild bamboo shoots, a kind of health food

Ningbo Oasis Trading Co.,Ltd. .
a special trading company dealing with health food

Yiwu Dongtai Aquaculture Co., Ltd.,Zhejiang .CN
an outstanding enterprise in Aquaculture line

Yancheng Fubao Aquatic Food Co.,Ltd .
an enterprise engaged in the processing of fresh water lobster and other aquatic products

China Baolong Group .CN
a trans-trade and multi-functional enterprise engaged in ocean fishing,special breed and the import and export of food,textiles and chemicals

China Ningbo International Cooperation Group Co., Ltd. .
mainly engaging in labor cooperation, import and export trading,contracted projects, foreign-aid projects, industrial investment, scientific and technological development, information engineering, consultancy, real estate industry

Veken Group Hangzhou.
specialing in textiles such as yarns,Rachel blanket,dyeing & printing fabrics,decorative fabrics,knitwear,leisure underwear,real estate,domestic and international trading and etc.

Jiangsu Yindu Group .
a group company engaging in business of textile raw materials,Textile,Chemicals,Machinery,vegetables & fruits and Tour service

Hangzhou Huaxing Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. Hangzhou.
mainly dealing in printing and dyeing finished products

Goldstar Flocking Mill Hangzhou.
specializing in manufacturing kinds of textiles,including velour,cotton textile and etc.

China Velutum Production Base Hangzhou.
It is specialized in manufacturing kinds of textiles,including velour, cotton textile and dyeing finished products

Zhejiang Xinghe Group Industrial Corp. .
a comprehensive group dealing in all kinds of products,including kintwears,down garments,textile,foodstuffs,vegetalbes,fruits,native products,light industrial products,animal products and etc.
Companies Total : 38008 ( 38001 -- 38008 )[|<][<<][>>][>|]
    Results in Recent Trade Leads ...   Results in Exhibits ...