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I.You have three reasons to become a member to ECTrade.

First, it is quick and easy to register and it is free of charge.
Second, once you are in, you can take advantage of the global trade resources provided by ECTrade and at the same time you can also profit by the exciting members-only services.
Third, through ECTrade, you can easily present your products and services to more than one million business people in more than 120 countries and regions in the world. Your possibilities of success multiply.

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II. What you need to know for registration

Before your registration, we hope you will understand and accept the following agreement, for it directly concerns the interests of yours and other people's.
(1) Follow prompts step by step in the registration procedure, and provide authentic, accurate, valid and complete information for member registration.
(2) Maintain and modify your data in time to keep it authentic, accurate, valid and complete. All the data go to the member databank. Services to members are based on the data you provide. If your member data contains information that is not authentic, accurate, valid and complete, ECTrade preserves the rights to cancel your membership and put an end to your rights to enjoy member-only services.

III. ECTrade's Pledge

ECTrade regards it as a basic principle to guard your individual registration data unless you authorize us or law commands us to do otherwise.

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Your Personal Data
The data help us provide you with personalized and specialized services. So do your best to furnish us with authentic, accurate, valid and complete data. What is most important, your email address must be valid and accurate. Once you complete your registration, you will at once receive an email from ECTrade, confirming your registration data. (Keep or copy that email or ID and Password for your future use.) Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

V. Modify Your Registration Data

If you want to modify your registration data, you can click the "Modify Member Registration Data" button on the home page.