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D-(+)-dibenzoyl-(D)-tartaric acidCAS NO: 17026-42-5Product Name:(+)-Dibenzoyl-D-tartaric acidSynonyms:(+)-2,Website:,3-DIBENZOYL-D-TARTARIC ACID;(2S,3S)-(+)-DI-O-BENZOYLTARTARIC ACID;(2S,3S)-(+)-DIBENZOYL-D-TARTARIC ACID;(2S,3S)-2,3-BIS-BENZOYLOXY-SUCCINIC ACID;DI-O-BENZOYL-D-TARTARIC ACID;(+)-DIBENZOYL-D-TARTARIC ACID;DIBENZOYL-D-TARTARIC ACID;DIBENZOYL D-TATARIC ACIDCAS:17026-42-5MF:C18H14O8MW:358.3Packaging??25kg snakeskin bagpurpose??widely used in chiral amines. Intermediates of anthelmintic levamisole (for split)??Tartaric acid may be most immediately recognizable to wine drinkers as the source of "wine diamonds", the small potassium bitartrate crystals that sometimes form spontaneously on the cork or bottom of the bottle. These "tartrates" are harmless, despite sometimes being mistaken for broken glass, and are prevented in many wines through cold stabilization (which is not always preferred since it can change the wine's profile). The tartrates remaining on the inside of aging barrels were at one time a major industrial source of potassium bitartrate.??Tartaric acid plays an important role chemically, lowering the pH of fermenting "must" to a level where many undesirable spoilage bacteria cannot live, and acting as a preservative after fermentation. In the mouth, tartaric acid provides some of the tartness in the wine, although citric and malic acids also play a role.

Industry: Pharmaceutical Chemicals
City: Wuhan
Tel: 86-027-88121016
Fax: 86-027-88121016
Posting Time: 2018-07-29 12:35:15
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