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Rubber Crosslinking agent TAICProduct nameRubber Crosslinking agent TAICProduct description1. It can be used as a cross linking agent for rubber and plastics and an auxiliary cross linking agent. It is very effective in improving crosslinking degree and reducing irradiation dose.2. For ethylene propylene rubber,Website:, chlorinated polyethylene, polyolefin and so on, peroxide is used as vulcanizing agent, TAIC is a good vulcanizing aid.3. It has certain sensitizing effect on irradiation crosslinking of PVC and can be used as an optical radiation cross-linking agent or photo sensitizer.4. Coupling agent for peroxide curing reaction.5. Because of the large crosslink density of TAIC homopolymer, it is widely used in industrial production of adhesives, cables, paper and organic glass to enhance the strength of other substrates during polymerization.6. coupling agent for peroxide curing reaction.7. because of the large crosslink density of TAIC homopolymer, it is widely used in adhesives, cables, paper and plexiglass.Appearancewhite crystalline powder or clear liquidUsageUsed as crosslinking and modifying agent for polyolefins, vulcanizing aid for special rubber, crosslinking agent for unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced plastics, internal plasticizer for polystyrene, etc.StorageStore in cool, dry and ventilated place, keep away from fire and oxidant. According to the provisions of general chemicals storage and transportation.

Industry: Additive
City: LiuYang
Tel: 86-731-83616112
Fax: 86-731-83616112
Posting Time: 2018-07-20 02:10:09
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