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Brief introduction for battery powered rail transfer carThis kind rail transfer car is powered by battery.The batteries supply electricity to the DC motor trough the
electrical control system.We use this principle to control the battery powered rail transfer car start,Website:,stop,go forward and backward,adjust the speed and so on. The battery powered rail transfer car can be used both on the
S and arc-shaped railways.The battery powered rail transfer car can also used in the ferry condition and flammable,explosive environment. The hydraulic lifting device can be installed on the transfer car.Performance Character of battery powered rail transfer car1.Convenient maintenance: Lubricate some joint active parts, such as wheels, bearings, etc. Others mainly focus on inspection and cleaning.2.Shorter shutdown maintenance time: Convenient and quick, short downtime, low maintenance costs.3.environmental impact equal to zero: low noise, no emissions.4.The control performance is better: The operation control is simple and convenient, and it is flexible, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator, and it is very
helpful for improving the working efficiency and the accuracy of the work.5.Long service life of battery: The service life of the battery is 1500 times charge and discharge cycles, and the working hours are about 12,00 hours.Product Function of battery powered rail transfer car1.Load-bearing transportLoad-bearing transport is the most basic and important function of electric flat car2.TurningThis series of flat cars have the function of running on S-shaped, C-shaped, curved rails, etc.3.Lifting up and downThe hydraulic lift system can be installed on the electric flat car to achieve lifting and other functions4.Side rolls over:The flat car can realize rolls over and self-discharging by the hydraulic device5.Safety devicesSafety devices can be installed on the electric flat car, for example, approach switch, dead man stop, alarm systems,
buffers and so on to achieve the safety functions.6.Others:Our company can research and develop the non-standard electric flat car according to the customers??? requirements.Workplace of battery powered rail transfer car1.Slope: ?2.8?2.Flatness: ?2cm/m3.Cleanliness: no visual waste, no protruding defects >1cm, etc.4.It can be applied to special environments such as flammable and explosive;5.Applicable to metallurgical, coal, mechanical and electrical, heavy industry, shipbuilding, light industry and
other general occasions.Technical Parameters of battery powered rail transfer car??

Industry: Engineering Machinery
City: xinxiang
Tel: 86-373-5289557
Fax: 86-373-5289557
Posting Time: 2018-07-07 00:29:54
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