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Basic Information Product Name FucoxanthinSynonym FUCOXANTHIN,Website:, CAROTENOID ANTIOXIDANT;(3S,3'S,5R,5'R,6S,6'R,8'R)-3,5,5',6-Tetrahydroxy-8-oxo-6',7'-didehydro-5,5',6,6',7,8-hexahydro-??,??-caroten-3'-yl acetate;??(3s,3???s,5r,5???r,6s,6???r)-hydro-5???-dihydroxy -8-oxo-;beta,beta-carotene,3???-(acetyloxy)-6???,7??? -didehydro-5,6-epoxy-5,5???,6,6???,7,8-hexa;3'-(acetyloxy)-6',7' -didehydro-5,6-epoxy-5,5',6,6',7,8-hexahydro-3,5'-dihydroxy-8-oxo-beta,beta-carotene;FUCOXANTHIN;(3S,3'S,5R,5'R,6S,6'R)-6',7'-Didehydro-5,6-epoxy-4',5',6,7-tetrahydro-3,3',5'-trihydroxy-,-caroten-8(5H)-one;all-trans-FucoxanthinProduct No GIHI-04Formula C42H58O6Molecular Weight 658.91CAS NO 3351-86-8EINECS????NO 686-524-6Density 1.09g/cm3Melting??Point 166-168?°CStructure Product QualityNo Item Specification 1 Appearance Yellowish to brown powder or oil 2 Water 0.5% max 3 Storage Store at room temperature

Industry: Additive
City: hangzhou
Tel: 86-571-86217390
Fax: 86-571-86217390
Posting Time: 2018-06-23 13:11:11
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