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Gunpowder tea,Website:, some of the finest Chinese green tea is painstakingly hand-rolled leaf by leaf into very tiny spheres. Known as??zhucha??or "pearl tea" to the Chinese, it takes special skill to roll tea leaves into this unusual
shape. Our Gunpowder 's tea leaf are puck from the organic tea garden which located in the mountain with altitude of 800 meter height in WUYUAN ,JIANGXI. This area
so call ?? "Green Tea Golden Triangle". The Eco-environment are perfect for the plantation of green tea and make the ingredients??very rich so that the tea here are always??mellow??and??thick and the aroma can also lasted longer time than the tea which grown in other place. ??Our Gunpowder come from the tea gardens which are managed by adopting USDA and EU practice and certificated by ECOCERT. ??Our Gunpowder is also Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade certified tea meets the highest standards of both quality
and social responsibility.Our Organic Gunpowder 3505, 3503, 9372 have been selling to US and European market for more than 10 years and get used of the taste of the consumers in the market. ????????

Industry: Canned Food
City: guangzhou
Tel: 86-20-61201371
Fax: 86-20-61201371
Posting Time: 2018-06-23 11:54:42
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