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Wave solder pallet material
Item : NS302- black

Product Description
Noves ESD insulation materials are made by fiberglass & epoxy resin with high-temperature and high-pressure forming, They are a kind of engineering plastic sheet, They are as same as Durostone, Ricocel and CDM material. Have been developed for wave solder pallet and all procedures within the PCB wave soldering assembly process, Standard operating temperature is more than 300?C and standard operating temperature is 260?C. It is hardening resistant in soldering process without delamination, It is a very good material for PCB test fixture, wave & reflow soldering pallet, SMT fixtures.
Product Features
- Excellent dimensional stability at high operation temperature including the lead-free process
- Low thermal conductivity
- Durable usage life enable by high glass transition temperature
- Excellent Machining properties enabling the manufacture of complex design solder pallets and fixtures
- Good resistance to chemicals used in modern fluxes
- Conform to RoHS and Environmental Health Safety requirement

Product Uses
There is exclusive access for customers to a range of technical support materials that will help improve solder pallet design, lifespan and, ultimately, the quality of the PCB.

Wave solder pallet design is important to avoid soldering defects such as solder bridges or shorts, inadequate hole fill, solder splatter and solder flooding the PCB.

The lifespan of solder pallets depends on many factors including material choice, pallet design, and process conditions. This site contains answers to many of the issues faced by the PCB assembly industry today.

We have different grades insulation material which is suitable for use in the PCB reflow and wave soldering processes, NS503, NS306, NS302 and NS301 This site is a technical resource for all aspects of solder pallet materials, from the base material to the quality of the soldered PCB, Wave solder pallet design is important to avoid soldering defects such as, solder bridges or shorts, inadequate hole fill, solder splatter and solder flooding the PCBN

wave solder pallet material Technical Data
Test Item NS-302???
Colour Black
Density( g/cm3 ) 1.9
Flexural Strength @ 23 ??? ???MPa) 360
Flexural Strength @ 150 ??? ???MPa) 180
Flexural Strength @ 180 ??? ???MPa) 120
Modulus of Elasticity @ 23 ??????MPa) 18000???
Modulus of Elasticity @ 150 ???MPa) 9000
Modulus of Elasticity @180 ??????MPa) ???-
Water Absorption(%) ???<0.20
Coefficient of Linear Expansion(10-6/K) between 30 oC and 200 oC 12
Thermal Conductivity (W/moK) 0.57???
Maximum Operating Temperature (oC) 10-20 seconds 300
Standard operating temperature( ??? ) 280
Surface resistance (ohms) ( ?? ) 105-109
Chemical Resistance Great
Standard Sheet Size( mm) 1160 x 1260 ,1020x1220
Standard Thickness (mm) 3,4,5,6,8,10,12
Thickness tolerance (mm) -0/+0.10
Flatness Tolerance ???mm?? -0/+0.15
Parallelism???mm) 0.1

Industry: Rain Gear & Sunshades
City: 4419
Tel: 86-0769-82020619
Fax: 86-0769-82020619
Posting Time: 2017-09-22 16:17:17
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