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Joyelectric International is a professional China 12kv wall bushing distributor and agent among those well-known such manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to order 12kv wall bushing products from our factory and company.BushingType: TGZ1-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA85?—15BushingType: TGZ6-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA65?—15B90?—18C110?—18D128?—85BushingType: TGZ7-12Rated voltage: 12kV??CodeL?—WA50?—5B63?—10C90?—18D110?—18E110?—50F137?—45??BushingType: TGZ8-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA50?—5B70?—18C110?—18D110?—50E137?—70F128?—18?—2BushingType: TGZ9-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA110?—36B128?—42BushingType: TGZ10-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA65?—13B88?—15C90?—18BushingType: TGZ11-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA53?—10B65?—15BushingType: TGZ12-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA135?—42B146?—42BushingType: TGZ13-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA105?—15B110?—18C110?—45D113?—18BushingType: TGZ14-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA110?—42BushingType: TGZ15-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA90?—25BushingType: TGZ16-12Rated voltage: 12kVBushingType: TGZ17-12Rated voltage: 12kVBushingType: TGZ18-12Rated voltage: 12kVBushingType: TGZ19-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA130?—78B135?—36BushingType: TGZ20-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA65?—15B90?—18C110?—18D128?—18?—2??BushingType: TGZ21-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA66?—11B66?—36C88?—16D88?—136BushingType: TGZ22-12Rated voltage: 12kVCodeL?—WA108?—16B108?—36C128?—16D128?—36BushingType: TGZ23-12Rated voltage: 12kV??CodeL?—WA108?—60B128?—36??BushingType: TGZ24-12Rated voltage: 12kV??CodeL?—WA65?—15B90?—18C110?—45D133?—18??BushingType: TGZ25-12Rated voltage: 12kV??CodeL?—WA85?—15B90?—18C90?—45D133?—68BushingType: TGZ26-12Rated voltage: 12kVBushingType: TGZ28-12Rated voltage: 12kVBushingType: TGZ28-12Rated voltage: 12kVBushingType: TGZ30-12Rated voltage: 12kVBushingType: TGZ30-12Rated voltage: 12kVBushingType: TGZ33-12Rated voltage: 12kV17.5kV cojioned bushingType: TGZ01-17.5Rated voltage: 17.5kVCT bushingType: TGZ34-12Rated voltage: 12kVRated current: 630ACT bushingType: TGZ35-12Rated voltage: 12kVRated current: 1250ACT bushingType: TGZ36-12Rated voltage: 12kVRated current: 2000AIf you would like a quotation or further information on this product, please fill in the form below and we will reply to you within 1 working day. Thank you for your interest to our products. url:

Industry: Home Decoration
City: Baoji
Tel: 86-0917-3433818
Fax: 86-0917-3433818
Posting Time: 2017-07-30 20:36:11
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