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Cementing PlugUse: when the cement is injected,Website:, the segregation of cement slurry and mud, to prevent cement slurry infiltration into the mud to affect the quality of cement. The Cementing plug prevents over displacement of the cement slurry and indicates when the cementing job is complete. The plug is manufactured using qualitative raw material and cutting edge technology to meet the international standards. The cementing plug can ensure the separation layer of cement, scraping, isolation of cement slurry. When the plug is located in the float collar, can accurately display the sealing position and casing mud.Type: ??Standard cementing plug Anti rotary cementing plug (Non rotary cementing plug)Structure and Features:1. The standard type cement plug is suitable for various kind of float collar and float shoes; and anti rotary cement plug is used for non rotary float collar and float shoe.2. Top Cementing Plug and Bottom Cementing Plug is designed with double sealing and scraping wing.3. The anti rotary plug is designed with anti rotation,which can greatly improve the drilling speed in operation.4. It is drillable by PDC bit and Roller cone bit.5. Features: High durable, Easy installation, Perfect dimension?? Bottom Cementing Plug?????????????????? Top Cementing Plug?????? Technical Parameters -- Cementing PlugCasing??size(in)Casing??weight??rangeWiper??Fin??O.Dmminmmin4??1/2"14.14-17.269.50-11.601104.3315"17.11-35.8611.50-24.101224.8035??1/2"20.83-39.8814.00-26.801355.3157"25.30-56.5517.00-38.001706.6937??5/8"35.72-63.6924.00-42.001857.2839??5/8"53.57-79.6236.00-53.502359.25210??3/4"60.27-97.7740.50-65.7026010.23613??3/8"71.43-107.1548.00-72.0033313.11020"139.89-197.9394.00-133.0049819.606If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us by

Industry: Energy-saving Lights
City: Xian
Tel: 86-029-87872212
Fax: 86-029-87872212
Posting Time: 2016-10-19 01:18:20
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