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.table td,Website:, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px;font-size:12px;}Non pressurized flat Plate solar water heaterProduct features:1.Non-pressurized water storage tank can supply water automatically,so that can keep the water tank always be is suitable for the district that near the equator, and was specially designed for the low latitudes region.3.all-glass vacuum tube, high temperature,vacuum insulation.4.Food-grade stainless-steel SUS304 2B inner tank,full-automatic welding technology,under the protection of magnesium rod,it can prolong the service life.5.High pressure polyurethane foaming insulation,as the prefect density and the thermal conductivity coefficient is small, so it can provide effective heat preservation6.The outer tank adopt color steel plate,and it has good double anti-corrosion functionTechnical dataSpecification and modelsSN-FT-150ASN-FT -200ASN-FT -300ASN-FT -150SN-FT -200SN-FT -300Full system parameter??quantity of the flat plate112112mounting typeplane roofplane roofplane roofInclined roof???15?°???30?°??‰Inclined roof ???15?°???30?°??‰Inclined roof???15?°???30?°??‰water tank??net Volume of Storage Tank???L??‰150200300150200300length of water tank????????‰144015402240144015402240length of inner tank????????‰130014002100130014002100diamater of inner/outer tank????????‰??380/??480??420/??520??420/??520??380/??480??420/??520??420/??520material and thickness of inner tank????????‰SUS304 /t4.1SUS304 /t4.1SUS304 /t4.1SUS304 /t4.1SUS304 /t4.1SUS304 /t4.1material of outer tankcolor steel plate?? t0.45color steel plate?? t0.45color steel plate t0.45color steel plate t0.45color steel plate?? t0.45color steel plate?? t0.45material of insulationpolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethanepre-heated electrical heater connector11/4???11/4???11/4???11/4???11/4???11/4???inlet connector1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???outlet connector3/4???3/4???3/4???3/4???3/4???3/4???maximum pressure0.03MPa0.03MPa0.03MPa0.03MPa0.03MPa0.03MPamaximum temperature100???100???100???100???100???100???air vent1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???sensor connector1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???flat plate solar collector??outline dimension????????‰2000 x 1000 x 802000 x 1000 x 802000 x 1000 x 802000 x 1000 x 802000 x 1000 x 802000 x 1000 x 80coatingblack chromeblack chromeblack chromeblack chromeblack chromeblack chromedimension????????‰——2bracketleft/right bracketleft/right bracketmaterialcolor steel plate t1.2color steel plate t1.2color steel plate t1.2color steel plate t1.2color steel plate t1.2color steel plate t1.2degree?‘?15?°???30?°15?°???30?°15?°???30?°0?°0?°0?°assistant tank??volume???L??‰555555outerside diameter????????‰225225225225225225height????????‰280280280280280280air vent1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???water inlet1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???inlet1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???1/2???attachment??pipe sealing ringsilicon rubber /??58silicon rubber /??58silicon rubber /??58silicon rubber /??58silicon rubber /??58silicon rubber /??58pipe dustroof ringsilicon rubber /??58silicon rubber /??58silicon rubber /??58silicon rubber /??58silicon rubber /??58silicon rubber /??58connect pipestandardstandardstandardstandardstandardstandard

Industry: Energy-saving Lights
City: jiaixng
Tel: 86-0571-83224422
Fax: 86-0571-83224422
Posting Time: 2016-10-16 03:09:16
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