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.table{ border-collapse:collapse;}
.table td,Website:, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px;font-size:12px;}split pressurized solar water heaterProduct Structure???1 Heat Pipe Solar collector???2 Circulation line???3 Water tank???4 T/P valve???5 Upper copper coil???6 Under copper coil???7 Work station???8 Expansion tank???9 Pressure Release valveProduct Features???1.Food-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B inner tank???Maximum anti Pressure1MPa2.Copper coil heat exchanger, high heat transfer efficiency.3.Double Copper coils heat exchanger, Can be combined with auxiliary electricity, gas and other boiler to Auxiliary heating, Achieve all-day hot water.4.High Efficiency Heat Pipe solar collectors, three target vacuum tube???Collector and roof Combined beautiful, Easy installation.??5.Integrated workstation???different Temperature cycle???make system Efficient and energy saving.6.Install the location of water tank no limited, Can be installed according to the layout of the room..table{ border-collapse:collapse;}
.table td, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px;}Product??parameter???System??modelSS-M2-150SS-M2-200SS-M2-250SS-M2-300SS-M2-400SS-M2-500Tank??capacity???L??150200250300450500Copper??coil??qty1/21/21/21/21/21/2Solar??collector??modelSC-H-15/20SC-H-20/24SC-H-25/30SC-H-30/20SC-H-20/24SC-H-25/30Solar??collector??qty1/11/11/21/22/22/2Controller??modelSR868C8SR868C8SR868C8SR868C8SR868C8SR868C8Work??station??modelVSP-S1VSP-S1VSP-S1VSP-S1VSP-S2VSP-S2Expansion??tank??spec12L12L18L18L24L24LMedium??volume12L12L18L18L24L24LRecommended??Flow1.0???2.0L/min1.2???2.5L/min1.5???3.0L/min3.0???5.0L/min4.0???7.0L/min5.0???8.0L/minMax??temperature??of??tank95℃95℃95℃95℃95℃95℃Max??temperature??of??system95℃95℃95℃95℃95℃95℃Rated??pressure??of??the??tank0.7MPa0.7MPa0.7MPa0.7MPa0.7MPa0.7MPaMedia??pre??pressure0.2???0.3MPa0.2???0.3MPa0.2???0.3MPa0.2???0.3MPa0.2???0.3MPa0.2???0.3MPaMax??pressure??of??system0.6MPa0.6MPa0.6MPa0.6MPa0.6MPa0.6MPaVoltageAC220V??50HzAC220V??50HzAC220V??50HzAC220V??50HzAC220V??50HzAC220V??50HzRecommended??pipe??diameterφ15φ15φ15φ15φ22φ22Note: You can choose solar collector model and qty of labels ?? ratio collector according to installation area. Choosing the item in the front of ???/??? if the latitude between -30 to 30, otherwise choosing the item in the back of ???/???.

Industry: Energy-saving Lights
City: jiaixng
Tel: 86-0571-83224422
Fax: 86-0571-83224422
Posting Time: 2016-10-16 03:08:23
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