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Products description:
The alkali lignin, a natural polymer prepared from alkaline paper making black liquor through concentration, filtration and spray drying, has good physical and chemical properties such as cohesiveness, dilution, dispersibility, adsorptivity, permeability, surface activity, chemical activity, bioactivity and so on.
Product Specification:
Appearance: Dark brown powder
Lignosulphonate content: 50%-65%
Solid content : MT93%
PH: 10-12
Reducing substance; NMT8%
Water: NMT 5%
Water insoluble: NMT4.8%
Inorganic salts: NMT5%
Reducing sugar: NMT5%
Calcium magnesium general quantity: NMT1.0%
1.Can be applied to a dispersant, an adhesive and a water reducing and reinforcing agent for refractory materials and ceramic products, and improve finished product rate from 70 to 90 percent.
2.Can be used as a water plugging agent for geology, oilfields, consolidated well walls and oil exploitation.
3.Wettable pesticide filler and emulsified dispersant; adhesive for fertilizer granulation and feed granulation
4.Stone processing aid
5.Coal water slurry additive
25kg/bag, 400kg/bag,500kg/bag,600kg/bag.outer woven bags with inner plastic lining. (In addition, the company can customize packages and products of other specifications according to the requirements of customers.)
The product should be store in a dry and ventilated place. Keep away from moisture. It will not deteriorate when stored for a long time. In case of agglomerate, the use effect is not affected after they are crushed or dissolved.
The product is nontoxic and harmless, does not belong to inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, and can be transported by automobiles, trains and cargo ships. The company can also offer the transport service to customers

Industry: Chemical Fertilizer & Bio-fertilizer
City: liaocheng
Tel: 86-531-58707983
Fax: 86-531-58707986
Posting Time: 2015-02-15 15:32:12
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