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????????? / Fast Recovery Diode Modules

FRG25BA60 FRG25CA120 FDF25CA120 FDF60BA60 MDR250A40L

FRD100BA60 FDS100BA60 FRD100CA120 FDS100CA120 FRS300CA50

FRS150BA50 MDF150A40L MDR150A40L MDF150A40M FRS400EA200

MDR150A40M FRS200BA60 FRS200CA120 MDF250A40L FRS400DA120

DKR200AB60 MDF250A40M MDR250A40M FRS300BA50 DKR400AB60

FRS400BA60 FRS400CA120 DKR300AB60

???????? / Soft Recovery Diode Modules

DCA100AA60 DCA150AA60 DCA200AA60 DKA300AA60 DBA100UA60

DSR200BA60 DSR300BA60 DSR400AA60 DBA100UA40 DBA200UA40


Industry: CDs, Records, and Tapes
City: Minxingqu
Tel: 86-021-64128995
Fax: 86-021-64120224
Posting Time: 2013-03-01 05:24:18
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